On going Research includes microfluidics, filtration, robotics, aviation, energy production 

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The image to the left shows one of our customers testing out a small area of his competition fishing boat with one of our aerosol formulas.  True superhydrophobic technology creates a layer of air between the treated surface and water, and water never touches the surface.  Fishing and outdoor sports are proving to be one of the top uses for our aerosol superhydrophobic technologies. 

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Additional uses

MicrobE Reduction

Superhydrophobic treatments assist in reducing microorganisms by creating a self cleaning surface and repelling moisture used by microorganisms in order to grow and attach. The images to the left are of a single wood composite treated on one side and incubated over a number of weeks. The potential for cost savings when eliminating microbes include less labor requirements, reducing harmful chemicals/procedures, improving equipment efficiency, improving aesthetics etc. 

Potential Uses include. Eliminating Mildew in moist areas (tile, plastics, vinyl etc). Eliminate mold on vinyl siding and walls, Creates a self cleaning surface that can be rinsed with water to remove dust or debris contaminated with bacteria. Reduce algae in tubes, sensors, HVAC/Heat Exchanger coils remain dry reducing algae and microbial growth and reduce grime/sludge over fins and tubes for improved efficiency.  

Private Label/White Label

​In the coming years, many people will discover more of the endless uses for superhydrophobic treatment. Do you desire to have a superhydrophobic solution to provide for a specific purpose or to market with your own company name and label? 

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Dropwise Condensation

 And Desalination  

 Easy to apply superhydrophobic treatments make dropwise condensation both easier to study and possible. The steam leaving the power unit, in power generating systems, is reconverted into water in a condenser via heat transfer as efficiently and quickly as possible.  Easy to apply superhydrophobic treatments make dropwise condensation significantly improves heat transfer rates in these situations.

Superhydrophobic Technology  makes desalination of seawater commercially viable. It also decreases salt buildup, is non-toxic, and inhibits corrosion and contamination.

Applications include industrial condensers, power plant surface condensers, desalination heat exchangers etc...    

Anti-Ice applications

Ice formations can be beautiful and breathtaking, but it can also

be dangerous and wreak havoc. Ice poses maintenance, safety 

and efficiency issues and lost productivity and damage estimates

done by winter storms add up to billions of dollars annually.  

Icephobic formulas

1. Water runs off from a true superhydrophobic surface

preventing water to stay around long enough to freeze.

2. Snow and other accumulations that do not melt attach over 10X less than an untreated surface.

(​Uses include. Parts to Bridges, Communication Towers,

Satellites, Antennas, Cables, Wind Mills, Microwave Domes, Gas Turbine Components, Aircraft parts, Watercraft, Power Lines, Telecommunication lines,

Roof Tops, Amusement Parks, Heavy Equipment Parts etc.)