Can I buy in bulk?

We do provide our technology in bulk supply. Many customers want to use HVLP sprayers for large volume applications. They can also be used as a dip for many substrates.  We also provide services that allow you to purchase a formula and market it with your own company label. Contact us at for more information.

How does this work?

Our treatments produce a water repellent surface treatment modeled by the "Lotus Effect" phenomenon. The contact area for water is reduced causing water to "bead" and roll off the treated surfaces.

How Long will it last?
The integrity of the treatment is dependent upon the environment of the coating. If the coating is exposed to a lot of abrasion or friction, the treatment can become burnished and the superhydrophobic nanostructure becomes compromised or lessened. However, keep in mind that it still remains hydrophobic even if burnished.The oils from hand touching/skin can also effect the superhydrophobic properties of the coating. Oils can fill in the nanostructure and effect the layer of air that the technology creates. Often, the oils can be washed out and the superhydrophobic properties are restored.  We believe that if submerged in distilled water, that the coating may last indefinitely. However, contaminants can "attack" the coating over time, so,  the more contaminants or chemicals in the water and the longer the coating is exposed to them makes a difference as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your Technology apart from other water repellents?

- We are providing a new technology that is just recently being made available to the public. It meets the criteria to be classified as Superhydrophobic. 

- We provide the first affordable, environmentally safe and easiest to use treatments on the market.

Our products create a true self cleaning surface by providing a layer of air in between the water and the surface.

It repels water before it freezes and ice before it sticks.

Our technology can be used on many different materials (not just fabrics) such as Aluminum, Wood, PVC, Stonework, Carbon Fiber, Nylon, Paper, Cardboard, Electronics, Steel, Canvas, Concrete, Vinyl, Masonry and more..

We make our products in the U.S.A.

Are These Coatings Safe?

Yes. Unlike other nano-tech treatments, our technology is advanced and does not contain dangerous chemicals or particles once dried. Our products can typically be treated like any other solvent containing coating. All of the active ingredients are being sold in other consumer products. Like those, toxiological information has been determined to be safe when used appropriately. A well ventilated area is recommended for applying and drying like any typical spray paint.

Our technology is not Neverwet Ross Technology or Rustoleum

Partners do include Wetpel WetBlock and other private labels around the world.

Our technology is superhydrophobic and ultrahydrophobic.

It is the first superhydrophobic technology sold as a single step solution.