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-Easy Single Can Application 
-Environmental Friendly Formulation
-Affordable Superhydrophobic Surface Treatment
-Dry Time: 15 min for hard surfaces
                  1-2 hours for porous surfaces
                  Fabrics may take up to hrs 3-4                         hours
-Coverage: 1oz covers about 2 sq. feet
-Shelf-life: 1 year
-Durability: 1 year outdoor weathering
-Maximum Temp: 100C/212F (short term 1-2 hrs)
-Ideal Application Temp: >70F
-Ideal Humidity: <50 % RH
-Dielectric Constant  (1-10 kHz):2.35
-Dielectric Strength: 50kV/mm
-Dry Coating resistivity: 10^12 Ohm-cm
​-Color : Translucent White​

Beyond Just Fabrics

     Cardboard            Aluminum

     Electronics           Wood

     Steel                    Fabrics

     Canvas                PVC

     Concrete             Stonework

     Carbon Fiber       Vinyl

     Nylon                  Masonry

     Paper                  Many More


Waterbeader Superhydrophobic Spray

-Prepare the surface to be sprayed by thoroughly removing debris and wiping with a mild detergent and dry thoroughly.

-Shake well for 3 minutes.

-Use at temperatures above 70F in a well ventilated area with low humidity.

-Test a small area prior to use to examine for color changes and to ensure results.

-Hold the can 8-12 inches from the surface to be sprayed and allow hard surface 15 minutes and porous surfaces 2-4 hours to dry. Some fabrics may need many hours to dry. The sun is a great place to dry your treatment.